Hello. I'm Inge, and I used to work for MadTracker. August 2006 I stopped those activities. Below you can find an incomplete list of the things I've written for MadTracker.


Various documents concerning MadTracker 2

-Using MadTracker 2.5 in ReWire mode (unfinished: tutorial for MadTracker 2.5)

-MadTracker 2.5 Tip of the Day overview (finished: various tips for usage inside MadTracker 2.5)

-Using VST Plugins in MadTracker 2.5 (finished: tutorial for MadTracker 2.5)

-Converting your MadTracker modules to MP3 or Audio-CD (finished: tutorial for MadTracker 2.5)

-MadTracker 2.5: The Complete Overview (unfinished: overview article for MadTracker 2.5)

-Guidelines for a successful compo entry (finished: text written for the MadTracker Compo 2005)

-MadTracker.org review guide (finished: text written for the Music Section of MadTracker.org)

-Interviews (always updated: interviews with various MadTracker-related persons)

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